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Verifying DMI pool data freeze

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Hi guys,

I know there is already a thread like this one posted but i don't understand. Everytime i reboot my comp, everything works fine until that "Verifying DMI pool data" comes up. A white underline blinks for about 5 seconds and then the system freezes and I have to reboot again. Please help me and please answer so I can understand, like a tutorial. I saved up money for this computor a long time, PLEASE HELP.

Cheers, Johan.
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Firstly, check to see that the connections to the back of the HDD (Hard Drive) are okay. I'm going to assume that you have what we call a 'SATA' connection. Please see the below images, these should help you to better understand:

This is the standard SATA connection onto the back of your HDD and DVD Drive:

This is the other end of the connection, where is attaches to the Motherboard:

This is so that you know what each cable does:

Let us know if this connection is secure and we'll take it from there.
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Sorry for the delay. Ive checked all the cables and everything looks ok. What do i do next.
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