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Verifying DMI Pool Data BIOS

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I have been getting this error lately. It will take numerous resets(Reset Button) and even a couple times with doing a cold boot via the Power Switch, before the system won't hang.

I will let you know that, I have been pouring over archives and found a thread from 2007 concerning the same problem, on another member's computer. The answer to what caused his problem, was because he flashed the BIOS. I am not comfortable with doing that, so I won't do it.

The specs:

Mbd: P3-933
RAM: 1Gb
HDC: AHA-39320
HD: 147GB SCSI U320(x2) RAID-1
VDC:Radeon 9600SE
VID: LG Flatscreen

I know my RAM is good because it is saying '1048576OK' during the bootup.

I do get a message that no bootable CD is in the CD/DVD drive. When I put the CD(which is the XP Pro Setup CD) in the drive and try to reboot, the computer thinks the CD is in the drive to re-install WinXP Pro. I was putting the CD in the drive, hoping that I could boot from it, if I couldn't boot from the SCSI.

I am wondering if I need to go into the setup and take the CD/DVD drive out of the boot order.

I will check the connections to see if anything is loose. Including the Power Supply and the Power cord from the Surge Protector.
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