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Vegas pro 12 Stops responding all the time

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I'm having big issues with vegas pro 12.0 Latest build
It stops responding so much...
Its something to do with my driver maybe?
My stats

AMD Fx - 4100 Quad-Core processor 3.60 gigahertz
Windows 7 64 bit
NVidia geforce GTX 550ti

I highly doubt my computer can't run it
I don't have a pro computer, but it should be able to run it

Vegas has stopped responding:

When renderring a raw clip to decrease file size
When renderring an entire made out video, introduction, outro, few effects, watermark
When i removed an audio track(file size 3mb)
When i added raw footage to the track
When i added the smooth/enhance fx to an audio file

When i renderred my intro and outro, it was fine

At the moment i am trying to render a 12:14 minute video
The raw clip in the middle is 650mb
I have tried renderring a 5 minute 230mb video with it aswell, no luck

When i actually get it to start renderring ,it dies at 20-30%

I have tried giving the vegas process high priority, no luck
I have no driver updates for my graphics card
No updates for my processor

I am really desperate to get this to work

I don't think its doing any procedure thats making it crash, i think just in general the program is crashing

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