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vanquished viruses- with continued aftereffect

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Hello there!
I hope this won't be too lengthy but I am trying to be as accurate as I can.

This morning when I went to check my downloads I became victimised by some nasty attacks. These began when I was browsing the Internet and the Help and Support Windows' window popped up of its own accord with the search query "//".
Accompanying this was the black Command Prompt window, which did not have anything going on with it. I ignored this the first time this happened and closed them, thinking perhaps I had accidentally tapped a couple of buttons but as this continued to happen I began closing down and saving current activities.

I was then besieged by clearly fake "Antivirus" scanners and popup windows of the same. When I tried to close these via Task Manager I was informed that this was "infected" and the damned thing was blocked. The same thing happened with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and AVG and carried on blocking everything including Explorer. So I proceeded to chant my favourite obscenities and the machine and got VERY LUCKY when I restarted my computer and managed to get Malwarebytes running as Windows was starting up, before my new adversary had time to load itself.

This worked and Malwarebytes lists the nasties as being:
Trojan agents, downloaders, Rogue Antivirus Suite's & Gens.

So I praised the sky etc. and checked everything was still working and my torrent downloader was fine, uploads and downloads were working and Firefox is also fine but for some reason neither Internet Explorer or my beloved Crazy Browser would work. they come up with the Cannot Be Displayed page and when I ran Diagnostics on it it said:

"Windows cannot connect to the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP.
This is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer.

Check the firewall settings for HTTP port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP port (21)."

I do not know what that means or what to do with the information.
I am over the moon to have averted a crisis but this is strange and I just fear that if anything should happen to dear sweet Firefox that I would be without browsing capabilities.

Sorry to be so descriptive, can anyone please advise this poor fool?? :)

Many thanks!

Dr. Beex

P.S. I did look at the Microsoft website to see if perhaps it could do one of those miricle scans and maybe even re-install whatever parts were missing/corrupted but was scared off by its desire to Validate my copy of XP.
I am running XP Black, a very tidy package which has not caused me any problems, but is a cracked version although I do have two valid serial keys which came from two separate computers I purchased legally. :)
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As mentioned before in your other topic, we do not support illegal Operating Systems.

Please read the rules.

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