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Using files on Win 7 desktop with my MBP

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to access files on my Win7 home premium desktop, through my macbook pro. But i'm having trouble.

I tried using the remote desktop connection that came with my 'ms office suite' but i think i need a higher level of win7 to use that.

i tried setting up a connect through the file sharing tab in the mac settings, then 'windows sharing' then the SMB option. but no luck.

all my file sharing options on the windows comp are working. i use that with another laptop (also win7).

finally, i have a printer on that desktop that i want working with my mac. but i'm guessing that must be easy once the connection is made.

thanks in advance. i'm a mac newbie, but i'm pretty proficient at windows. just can't seem to get this to work!
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Hi there mercury 24,

Your best bet is just to buy an external hard drive and copy files over, as anything over an internet connections is likely to be slow. You could also try some different software, such as TeamViewer - There is a link below. Also try contacting Apple Discussions if you feel there is a problem with your Mac system.

Apple Discussions
Team Viewer

oh thanks Nathan for responding!

although i think i forgot to make one thing clear. Its all local. I didn't need it to use at an actual 'remote' location. i saw teamviewer when I did my internet searches, but I think that might be too much money for just the one purpose that i have.

I just want this in-house. so i was hoping to use the wi-fi rather than the internet. previously i thought about getting a router with a HDD either built in or via USB, but that would run up my expenses. also, i might have an OS issue there as well. I'm not sure. I was really just hoping to find a way to attach my Mac to work in my local network. So that I can access the same files and the printers.

The furthest I got was being able to view the public folder on my Mac from my PC. But I couldn't access it. Although, I need it to go the other way. Reading off my PC drive, to use on my Mac. I couldn't get into my PC at all. Not even a recognition of my network.

Thanks again!

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Hi again,

I am assuming you have checked all network sharing preferences on your mac, and ticked the relevant checkboxes.

Team viewer is free for personal use, you do not have to pay a thing!

Again, I recommend heading to Apple Discussions if you have an 'OS issue'
Apple Discussions or even contacting AppleCare directly.

Sorry I cannot help further.

Oh wow, i didn't realize that teamviewer is free. nice. i'll try that for sure.

yeah i needed to copy files over anyways, i wish the MBP had an eSATA at least, or maybe if my drives had thunderbolt. lol. i guess thats later.....

thanks anyways!

In order to share Windows stuff with a Mac, every account on the Windows PC needs to have a password, and the Mac will have to log in via one of those accounts, entering the password, even to print. Also, Windows 7 is a goofy one when it comes to networking in general. It'll work fine with most other versions of Windows 7, and even back to XP SP3, but because it is not the Pro version, it may be missing the software required for non-Windows OSes to share properly.
oh ok, i'm not logging in right now. its just auto sign-in without a pass.

thats interesting b/c i did get the popup on my Mac about putting in a password. I didn't have one, so I tried just the PC name. didn't work obviously. then i tried guest, and even set up a guest account on Win7.

But I didn't think of actually using a password. lol. seems kinda logical now. i guess i always thought it would have made it more complicated.

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