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Using a VGA Splitter

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Okay so this problem has been bugging me for sometime...

I've bought 3 VGA Y-Splitters so far and none of them are displaying the resolution correctly.

The first one didn't even have the right pins and they wouldn't fit together, the 2nd one was an older model, so I could understand why it didn't work. So I shelled out a little more money for a newer VGA Y-Splitter, as it said it would display all the correct resolutions.

So when I have the VGA Y-Splitter connected, one end going to the computer, the other two ends splitting between the TV and my LCD Monitor. It won't display my correct resolution which is 1440 x 900.

I've tried going into the display and changing it, but it won't recgonize it. It's almost like when I have the Y-Splitter connected the computer cant recgonize what kind of screen I'm using and the option for 1440 x 900 is gone.

The highest resolution it will allow me to use is .. 1024 x 768

When I have a direct connection from the computer to monitor it allows me to use 1440 x 900 and even tells me what type of screen I have. But with the Y-Splitter it just says "1. Generic Non-PnP Monitor"

Any advice?
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Well I'm hooking it up to this LCD Monitor 17inch flat screen and also to my Sony Bravia TV.

The Resolution is displayed the same on both of them. It just won't display the 1440 x 900
Right click on a blank area of the desktop, select screen resolution, in the pop up window select advanced settings, in the Advanced window on the adapter tab click on list all modes, are there larger sizes listed?
Under adapter type whats listed?
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