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Using a Dell XPS 700 Series Case for a gaming Build?

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I use an XPS 710 at work since gaming PC's work really well for CAD/graphics.

I've been babying my previous Dell PWS650 to work at home, but it's getting long in the tooth.

I like the look of the XPS 700 series case and they are readily available on ebay. I was looking into building a custom rig (gaming specific) and would like to use the XPS platform.

Does anyone know if I can use aftermarket components like motherboards and PSU's in a DELL or do these cases only take DELL-made/branded motherboards and such.

The 650 that I've got uses a proprietary PSU that is part of the case, so I can't upgrade to a more powerful unit.

Has anyone build a custom rig with this case? and if so, what MB did you end up using?
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building a gaming PC is a lot of fun indeed :grin:
but I suggest that you get your own case, cause all the PSUs that comes in the prebuilt PCs are weak, so yes you need to upgrade to a lot better PSU than the one that cam with the DELL case

that is a great Case :

Antec 900 :
That and a lot of the Dell XPS cases are for BTX form factor motherboards not ATX.
Also its a DELL so I wouldn't want to use it since they're hard to upgrade.
Dell cases are not good for cooling.
The Antec 300 and 900 are good cases....same case inside but the 900 has a window and costs $45 more. The COOLER MASTER RC-690 is an excellent case. Lots of room to work and good cooling.
Well the Antec 900 has 2 major things over the Antec 300.

The Antec 900 has both its front fan slots filled and a 200mm top fan instead of the 140mm fan on the Antec 300.
"Most" of my customers prefer as clean and quiet as possible. Front fans pull in dust and create more noise. Two front fans = dust and noise X 2.
Having the same interior as the 900, I prefer to build with the 300's (remove the front fan) for less maintenance and less noise.
I prefer loud and cool.

I can have a overclocked GTX 260 running quiet, it would break. When I looked for a case it needs to have front fans for cooling.

Customers should be utting up with noise unless they want to go with the liquid cooling route.
Why "put up" with noise when it's not necessary?
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