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recently i've been infected with something called virut.exe a worm that attaches itself to pretty much everything that runs. i ran multiple virus scans, and it just so happens that it seemed to have deleted userinit.exe?
i think

when i try to start my computer, it took me to the log in screen, where i logged in, then it logged me out immidiately, didn;t work in sfae mode and such.

following advice of another site, i took my installation cd, and ran the restoration console, logged as administrator, and found that userinit.exe was not existant. using dir *.exe i think.

then following the comments from this site, used expand d:\i386\userinit.ex_ c:\windows\system32\ this command.
it was supposed to take the file userinit.ex from the cd to the system 32 folder and make my computer run. i restared my computer and tada i can log in. with one major setback.

many system files, and other installed files are pretty much wiped out.
i logged in and i saw the bliss background which i didn't set and my incons being wiped out. the funny thing is that not everything was wiped out. some programs stayed. sibelius, warcraft, mozilla. i tried mozilla, only to find that my network settings have been erased, and mozilla settings as well.
my personal folder, and items in "my documents" (which are pretty important) are gone. i tried to system restore, but all those are wiped out except for right now (and it doens't really help)

so i keep fixing one problem and another is popping up. first of all, i need a way to get my files back. second of all, if the reason why things pop up one after another is a virus, i'd like to know how to get rid of them

ps. i have not yet cleaned my registery files like the comments suggested but im bit more fixated on retrieving my files...

edit: i guess i also forgot.
win xp, sp2. Dell XPS m140, i honestly can't remmber the antivirus softwares i've run. one of them was malwarebytes, and....
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