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useing 34 animation

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I've bought a new computer, p4 3.0,gigabye board socket 945, 1 giga memory and g-force 6600GT 250m. I'm useing it for 3d animation, but it seems to act just like my previous card, ati 9800se family. after adding a center number of objects it really slowing down to a point where I move the mouse and wait a goooooood few seconds for it to respond. any sudjestions? I tried to download the latest driver from nvidia's web, didn't help.
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What RAM memory do you have ? A 6600 GT really uses all components to the maximum, especially the CPU, but 3.0 GHz P4 should do it. My advice is to do a fresh install of Windows, download & install the latest ForceWare drivers from NVidia, then run some benchmarks on your computer (3DMark 2003 let's say) and see what scores you get. Post here first with your Ram and we should find the solution.
the memory: corsair, 2x512 ddr2 sdram 667, 333 mhz
and, yet another install of windows...
when will someone invent a new operation system, easy to use and better for us, the end users?
thanks for the reply
Well the memory definetely should do it. I'm pretty sure that the fresh windows install and the latest drivers should do it... I'm waiting for your reply :D
well, reinstall win and the new drivers but it's working the same. I guess the technology is simply far far behind the programming and to catch up with it you need a lot of money. I still think that a better operation system, one that will not crush and manage the resources better will help, but that has nothing to do wit hthe graphic card.
thank you very much for your help
Where can I get this program? I do graphics as well and even uber-complex scenes run well on my desktop. Specs below.
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