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Useful information on Certifications

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Our Forum hosts some very useful and informative articles on various Certifications in the IT field. You can find the whole listing here: IT Business & Career Articles
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Hey, im new to TSF and so far its awesome. Seems like everyone is really knowledgable and helpful. I was actually wondering if i could pick your brain a bit since this seems liek that place for career advice. I was just thinking that i really wanted to get into a job that dealt with computers. One thing i know i like to do is fix problems, so i was thinking maybe a tech support guy? I would ask maybe if you had any suggestions on how to get into a job like that or if there is any previous schooling i would need to get into a job like that.

Thanks a ton!
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Re: The Road To CCNA

Hi, I've tried to access the link but I cannot access it. It says that I don't have permisions to access it?
None of the links are working, I either do not have permission or they are invalid.
Ditto here

Do I need to moere time as a member before getting access ?
I want to access those linkz. What am i going to do? is there a minimum number of post or what?
All the links have now been updated.
Please be aware it may take some time until your post receives some attention, so please be patient.

Don't worry, you will not be forgotten. :wink:
I want to access those linkz. What am i going to do? is there a minimum number of post or what?
Google IT Articles and stuff

I wanted to see those links too

I've just checked and the links are still active. There is no restriction on viewing these files. If anyone is still having problems viewing them please describe the problem.
I'm afraid the articles have been moved and the links have not been updated. Please be patient.
It's been 10+ weeks, but I still cannot access them.
The links have now been updated to reflect the new locations of these articles.
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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