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Used Mac

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I bought a Mac at an auction. It was used by the school system here. I have the login/password to get to the desktop. But I am trying to connect to the internet and it has a Admin password due to being a school comp. I did not get any disks with the computer. Is there a way to delete the admin information or am I better off taking this to a shop.
Thank you
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How are you trying to connect to the internet? Have your tried the same password they gave you to login the Mac for the Admin password?
Yes, but from what I can tell from my limited knowledge of mac it has 3 accounts on it. Student, Teacher and the Tech service (admin) account. All have different passcodes. I have tried the apple + s key but that will not work. I tried to switch OS but that doesnt work with out the admin code. A friend told me to try booting and hold the option key but when done found the firmware was locked by password also.

The internet is set to the schools information and their connections. I tried to connect to one of the wireless in the area and it sent me to the wizzard but with out the admin password I was blocked.

I was able to dl tech tools deluxe but it was on a PC and I am not sure how to copy to a CD due to my PC not recognizing a .dmg file.

I checked the apple site and it is not under a care plan and all I could find out is it was last used in 2001.

If there is any help or advise you can give I would appreciate it greatly.

My other option at this time is to pay more than I gave to fix it.
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Well, with a firmware password, you are kinda out of luck over all. You will not even be able to install a new OS on it. The only real choice you have is to take it back to the school with your receipt and get the tech guys to remove the firmware password, and create a new admin account for you on the Mac with a password of your choosing. To me, having bought used/surplus Macs myself, I find it kinda shady that they sent it to the action without first wiping it and resetting it to factory conditions, or taping a piece of paper with the passwords on it to the Mac.
I am starting to think the same. I think the words my friend used was illegal to sell with out wiping the HD anyway. Oh well thanks for the reply and I will make that phone call tomorrow.
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