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Usb2 cardbus prob

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I wondered if anyone could help me out with a little problem here. I recently bought a kouwell usb2 cardbus (kw-2002-2) for my laptop. When i tried to install the driver from the cd provided it just gave me a "preformed an illegal operation" with the details,

USB2CB caused an invalid page fault in
module <unknown> at 0000:01001702.
EAX=00000001 CS=0167 EIP=01001702 EFLGS=00010216
EBX=0064db08 SS=016f ESP=0064cb54 EBP=0064024e
ECX=c155ed50 DS=016f ESI=016d05e0 FS=3547
EDX=bffc9490 ES=016f EDI=00000002 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:

Stack dump:
0064db08 016d05e0 00000002 00000000 00000000 00e95ac0 010a1000 00000000 6d656f5c 6e692e2a 00000066 656e2a5c 2e646368 00666e69 756f2a5c 2e326273

I have an advent 7255dvd laptop with win98se installed. any help would be much appreciated as the tech guys at kouwell have not responded to my emails at all. grrr.:upset:

thanks for readin my rant. eddiewawa:confused:
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In your device manager are their any yellow question marks on that device? If there is, remove them then restart computer and try to install the driver again after it detects the device or download the driver off their website and use that one(if there is a difference between the two).
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