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USB problems

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Hello All,

I'm having problems installing 2 USB devices, a childrens keyboard (comfy-5 usb keyboard) and a joytech game pad. The keyboard is supposed to be plug and play but windows will not install it, the same applies to the gamepad.

I keep getting the same message from the hardware wizard "could not install human interface device the data is invalid" and also, in the device manager when the devices are pluged in there are 2 tags for both in the human interface device tab with yellow exclamation marks by each.

I have been to the websites for both devices and found no support or any drivers/patches.

system spec

amd athlon 64 3000
gigabyte kn8 ultra sli f4
windows xp home sp2

hope someone can help

merry christmas and a happy new year

monkey boy
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Did you go through the Add Hardware wizard in Control Panel to install them?
You should give that a try.

Did you get a CD with the devices? They will have the drivers on them if XP doesn't already.

You also will need to check if they're on the Hardware Compatibility list for XP:

Do you have the XP CD handy?
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