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USB problem

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I have a easycap to record my ps3 gameplay.
Between the easycap and my mac is a 10 meter usb cable with one active repeater in the middle.
the problem is my easycap isnt recognized and the light bulb on the easycap isnt on, I think there is a lack of power but how can i give the easycap enough power to run propperly?
If there is some kind of device i can put between the easycap and the extension cable and connect to a power source, that would be great!

thnx alot in advance:pray:
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if you connect the easycap to the usb line before the repeater do you get a light on the easycap?
without the repeater cable the usb can't reach my mac
You missed the point.

You say the easycap isn't lighting up as in getting power. I am trying to determine if its the repeater or the original cable before the repeater causing the issue.

Please conduct the test so we can determine this.
is there a cable for usb to hdmi? i want to want movies using ipod but my laptop does not have a hdmi input
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