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usb ports not recognizing anything at all.

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no matter what i do my usb ports dont recognize anything. i plug in my camera, my printer, my mp3 player, my speakers, no matter what i plug in or which usb port i use nothing is recognized. no sound no pop up no nothing. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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Reinstall the chipset drivers.

Look in Device Manager (To open Device manager: Click Start >> Run >> Type devmgmt.msc and click OK).
Any yellow or red marks there?

What brand/model is the computer?
yeah... i have 2 yellow circles with an explanation mark on my d-link dfe-520tx and 530tx pci fast ethernet adapter and 1 yellow circle with an explanation mark on my multiport communications port (COM3)
You have to reinstall the drivers for those devices + chipset.
They should be on a CD you got with the computer.
yeah i dont have that cd. any other idears?
What computer (or motherboard) do you have?
The drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer.
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