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usb port not recognized

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I am having trouble installing a webcam. I had to install a usb port first on a M598MR motherboard. I installed it in a PCI slot and Windows cannot detect the new hardware. USB is enabled in the bios. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong ?
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I'm not positive but if you have a PCI USB card you might want to try turning off the USB in the works this way with on-board/pci video cards. Also if the bios has an option for USB on/off isn't there any USB ports on the motherboard? :)
Manual says it has on board USB. So if you don't see them, it is on a header on the board and all you need is the cables and ports. You would have better luck getting the onboard to work than an add on card- but the tech is dead right on this one; if you want your card to work at all, disable usb in the bios.
thanks for the advice... I will try and see if it works
Hey, it was Tech's advise! I was simply backing him up. And I'm bored.
Well... you should find something to do with that shortcut to regedit your always bragging about :D

BTW Golddust, you might want to check that your drivers are OK... i had a problem with USB in win98... I'm not sure what your running but it might be worth a shot
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Thank you for your feedback... After disabling USB in the bios, WIn98 detected the USB port and from there the setup of the webcam was straightforward..
You are welcome. Tell your friends, tell your enemys, tell the neighbors, TSF can help!!!!!!!!!
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