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USB Port Dead

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Every time I boot up I get a message saying something isnt booting and to hit F1 to continue. I assume that its because I have a USB port that is not working at all. I have two on one side and one on the other, the one that is alone hasnt been working for months. I talked to someone else in the Army today who works with computers and he told me that is't probably a driver problem. I think that it's just dead. So how can I figure out which it is? And also if it is a driver problem how do I fix it. And if it is just dead in the water like I think then how do I disable it so that I will quit getting that annoying message when I boot up? Thanks in advance, this has been bothering the hell out of me for the longest.
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Hi sup233!

Can I know the exact error message? And also, can you check the time on your system, whether it is correct or always reset?
I can get you that error message in a few mins. but funny how youd know but my time is ALWAYS wrong. No matter how many times I fix it...
Error 0701: Usb Port Current On Hc/port - Bus:00h Dev:1dh Fun:02h/port:01h
The reasonhe/she asked that is BIOS memory. Sounds like the backup CMOS battery for the BIOS has gone dead to me.
Hi again sup223!

Sorry for the late reply, I missed out this post before this.

Yup, as magnethead have mentioned, there might be that your CMOS battery has been dead... is it a old computer? then it is time to replace the battery :grin:
i replaced the battery and that seems to have fixed it. thanks alot.
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