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I have recently purchased a USB memory card reader (USB2.0 high speedSingle Slot Reader/Writer for MS cards Full Speed USB V1.1 or V2.0 connectivity) to speed up music file downloads to my new Sony Ericsson mobile phone, into its removable memory stick duo card.
The card reader is seen by the PC but when I try and load a driver for the "MASS STORAGE DEVICE FOUND" via the found new hardware wizard it fails to recognise anything, and therefore the reader is unusable.
I have tried it on another PC that was purchased at the same time with the same OS (XP) and it is OK on that one.
Incidentally I have also tried plugging in a simple MP3 Player via a USB and this also fails in the same way on my PC.
I thought that XP was supposed to see any new hardware like these and if you have no CD with the drivers on - it finds one for you?
Can anyone suggest what I need to look at on my PC, as it logically seems to be a problem with my PC setup?
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only post the same problem once
see if there is any yellow alongside of the entries for usb in the device manager
see if it is listed in disk management
Thanks for the info,
Unfortunately I'm not that conversant with PC's and need a bit of help to do what you suggest I look at.
Please can you spell out exactly what I need to do and how?
Thanks Wilb
for the dvive manager
contol panel/system/device manager tab
then click on view at the top and show hidden devices in the drop down box
disk management
control panel/admin tools
disk management in the left pane
then srcoll down the list
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