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USB in Win95

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My Win95 computer has two built-in USB ports in the back. However, when I hooked up my USB mouse to it, the mouse didn't work. Turns out I need the drivers.

The problem is I don't have a Win95 CD. I have my system disks, but that's it.

Can I use my system disks instead of getting a win95 CD? Is there another way to get the USB ports to work properly without the CD's?
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hello bairdman,
you might want to check in bios, to see if usb is far as the drivers go, what kinda mouse you have ?
I don't think Win95 supports USB.

But if I remember correctly there are some drivers around that will work with Win95, I'll see what I can find out.
OK, I found something hopefully this helps :

Determine if Your Version Supports USB

The first thing you must do to enable USB in Win95 is to determine which version of the operating system you are using. Please Note that the original or first version of Windows 95 including the update and version A, is NOT capable of USB connectivity. There is NO update for these versions of Win95 that can provide USB support. Win95 versions B & C have limited USB functionality. The first Microsoft operating system to fully support USB is Win98 first edition.

you can go here to read more and download some files you can use to get your usb going : USB Guide.htm

G/L, tell us if this works...
You can pretty much forget about USB in W95, the later versions had very limited support, and it never worked well. If you really need USB, upgrade to at least W98...
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