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USB HUB wont work plz help!

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Hi, ive just bought a USB HUB with 4 extra ports. I bought it because if also just bought a new wireless adapter for my wireless broadband and i didn't have a spare USB port to run it on(as my logitch wireless mouse + keyboard take up the only 2 i had). My broadband works fine but when i try to connect the usb connection and my new usb hub, it wont let my keyboard and mouse work. It says it needs the drivers, but its all plug in and play, and i made sure i had the latest drivers from the logitech website.

However when they are both connected, the mouse and keyboard simply dont repond. As far as i know they dont stop my wireless connection as if i dont use the usb hub, i can use either the keyboard or the mouse (1 at a time by switching which is in the spare port, which is what I am doing now).

I know that the hub works fine with the keyboard and mouse in, but when i put in the internet connection, it just stops.

I have also recently got a message saying there was a problem installing the USB reciever, but everything is plug in and play..

Please help,
it will be appreciated
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ahh sorry forgot 2 say,
its bus-powered ( takes power from comp)

But the mouse and keyboard use way below the limit, however the wireless adapter takes too much to run on the hub, so it has 2 run on the other usb
no, i bought it today
but it is v1.1 usb specification, not 2.0

But my USB ports dont work @ 2.0 anyway
hi, i forgot to say that my keyboard+mouse aren't 'tested on windows xp' or whatever. A box keeps coming up saying that, however when I bought it the vendor said it would run completely fine on windows xp.

Oh and i tried running the wireless adapter + only the mouse through the hub at the same time. It wouldn't work, it just wont move and the box comes up saying new hardware installed or something...

The only conclusion i can get to is that the hub wont work similtaniously with the wireless adapter. I have no idea why that would be,

the passive hubs can be troublesome...this is not unusual
do you have all your updates installed?
please give us your specs on your system including the power supply
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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Service Pack 2
Intel Pentium 4A, 2400 MHz (18 x 133)
NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 (Microsoft Corporation) (128 MB)
System Memory 512 MB (PC2100 DDR SDRAM)

USB1 Controller Intel 82801BA(M) ICH2 - USB Controller 1 [B-5]
USB1 Controller Intel 82801BA(M) ICH2 - USB Controller 2 [B-5]

If you need more, ive got everest
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i can still take it back if i hav 2,
i just thought i wud give here a go anywayz,

got any advice on how 2 work it or shud i just take it back?
i would take it back.
good luck and let us know how you make out
i wonder if you would be better off with a pci to usb card....there relatively cheap, and you can get them with 4 usb ports.
i seem to have space to install 2 more usb ports, however i dont really know much about it and wondered how much effort would be involved in doing it,
is it alot of effort?
no, not at all
unplug your case naturally
take off the access panel
the pci card goes in one way only
you might need to remove the blank cover on the back of the case, just bend it back and forth, to permit your new usb ports to be seen and used.
it should be plug and play so your xp will reconize it and install it automatically....
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ahh kk ill just hav a luk now..
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