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USB hub for 4 bluetooth dongles

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I often have my college students come to my home to play games and kick back. Invariably they will find reasons to take pictures or want to share info, video clips, songs, etc, so I started looking for a bluetooth router. They are hard to find and when you do, they are quite expensive. Linksys makes a device that will let 7 people connect but it is only bt 1.1 I have am thinking of buying 4-6 bluetooth usb 2.x dongles and connecting them to a usb hub. My questions:

Should I use 2 usb hubs for this? I am thinking of buying a pci usb 3.x adapter for my pc. should I find a USB 3.x hub? My main concern here is throughput and congestion getting to my hard drive. The hard drive is a 7200 rpm sata drive - will either be 500 gb or 2 tb - I have not yet decided which way to go. Both pc have a system drive and a data drive (not just a partition), if that makes any difference.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts u can get a USB PORT Hub that has 4-8 USB ports & then you can either USB Devices (MMC Card Reader,USB Pen Drive,External Hard Drive),also you can connnect USB Bluetooth Dongle (MAX 2) so that bluetooth devices can communicate as well..
About the USB 3.0 Hub,you need to make sure that your Mother board has USB 3.0 or USB 3.0 compatible USB port,it will give you good performance if you hav 3.0 port on your motherboard....
Yes, i have found a place to buy a pci usb 3.0 controller card. My main concern here is throughput. Will one usb 2.0 hub be able to handle potentially 18 mb of data (6 x 3 mb per blue tooth device)?
Thanks for the advice! I have done a little more googling to follow up on suggestions...I found one website that says that bluetooth 2.0 is less than 2 mb/sec...and that usb 2.0 is 300 MB/sec, or 150 times faster than BT. Based on this, it seems that I can stick with usb 2.0 How many bt dongles can I install on one powered usb 2.0 hub before I have trouble - kinds of data collisions?
A single HDD attached to a USB 2 port will max out the bus and achieve about 40MB sec. Competing devices on the bus would likely lower the throughput. How many devices will it take to see the congestion would be a matter of trial and error.

Set it up, connect a dongle and test, connect a second dongle and test, repeat until you have issues, then add another USB controller (note: CONTROLLER...not hub).
ohhhh so the issue is not really the hub but the controller?
Hubs simply allow you to add more devices to a controller. But if only two devices connected to a hub start to cause slowness, then adding more ports/hubs won't solve the slowness.
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