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Recently, I have been having a problem with my computer. I built this computer about two years ago, and it's been acting up for about a year. What has been happening is USB drives do not get power if they're plugged in while I'm using the computer. I was able to correct this by removing all power from the computer (unplugging it) and turning it back on. However, this problem amplified quite a bit and sometimes, USB ports don't even get power on startup. Specifically, this has happened once before but fixed itself with the old method of unplugging it and turning it back on. However, this time, this method does not solve my problem. The front USBs don't get power either, which confuses me a bit, but it must be the motherboard. I ordered a new motherboard but it will not be here for quite a few days despite my next-day air shipping. Has anyone else had this problem, or know how I would be able to fix it (atleast until my motherboard comes)? Note: This is a desktop so I can not get to BIOS since my keyboard doesn't get power.

EVGA H55 Motherboard
Intel Pentium Dual Core processor,
that's about all that matters so if you need any more info, just ask and I'll post.

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