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USB devices

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I just upgraded an MSI motherboard, to a brand new Biostar TForce 4 SLI mobo. After installing it successfully (Darn backwards Power Button wire!) I got it to boot up fine. My USB keyboard (And I assume mouse) works fine in Bios, but upon loading windows, the USB connectors shut down. The lights on both keyboard and mouse shut off, and are unresponsive. I tried a PS/2 Keyboard, and it worked fine in windows. Any suggestions on things to check?

I should note, this is not a new installation of windows. This install has gone from a Socket A AMD CPU, to a Socket 939 Mobo and CPU, to a new socket 939 cpu, and now to a new 939 mobo. I don't have my serial number for windows anymore, as I move around alot and it has long since been missing.

Thanks in advance!
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At the very least you will need to do a repair install of XP (instructions here). Windows XP will not accept that big a hardware change. It's surprising that it even boots at all.

Unfortunately, without the CD and verification key, you can't do a repair install, so you may be in a world of hurt trying to fix this one. Might try to go to the device manager area (start, control panel, system, hardware, device manager), scroll down to the USB area, open it with clicking the + sign, then, check to see if there are any red or yellow marks. If there are, then right click and update the drivers (which may already be on your hard disk if you have sp2. If there are no marks there, the right click on each area and selecting "update driver." Some times those drivers are there but not loaded properly and if you try this, it won't harm anything. Otherwise, you will most likely need a CD and a legitimate key.
Try and install the chipset drivers for the new MB.
During the boot up process, when Windows starts loading then drivers, the BIOS will unload the USB ports because the OS takes over handling them. The OS probably doesn't know that the ports exist because the chipset drivers are not installed to talk to the USB controller, which is tied to the SM BUS.

Other then that, Repair install may be your only resort.

IMHO I do not like doing major hardware change and using the old OS. Things get to flakey. I alway reinstall with a fresh OS. Much cleaner that way.
Managed to find a PS/2 mouse and keyboard, and updated the drivers. Everything is running smooth again, thanks for the help! Looks like I dont have to fork out the cash for a new copy of windows until Vista comes out after all! :grin:
I assume you went out and bought a lottery ticket? You seem to have a lucky streak a mile wide! :wave:
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