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USB device over curent status?

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I have been using an Asus Rampage II Extreme for about half a year, but today something weired happend.

I was at my desktop as usually but suddely my keyboard and mouse stoed working. I move the keyboard from the rear panel to the front and it worked again. I only had one slot free on the front so i just shout down the PC with the keyboard hing that it woud work. When I started the computer again it said following:

USB device over current status detected!
Shutting down in 15 seconds (or something like that)

I tryed to clear cmos, and mocen the flashback jumpers to boot from
bio 1 and 2, but no difference to notice.

Does anyone know what to do?
Is the board dead, or is there a chance that i can make it work again?
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Have you tried using the rear ports again?
Do you have a PS/2 Mouse/keyboard to try?
When I use the rear USB there is noting to notice on the keyboard, but on the rear it lights up and if i press delete i get to a screen that lists something about my harddisks, and then i gives the same messsage again (about USB).
Hmmm.. still not detecting the keyboard.

Thnaks for te quik replys though :)
no, what happens is that if i press delete it prints ome other text before the error message but both ends up with not starting windows and shut down.
I think I might own one but time is 01:27 in the night, so do you mind I try tomorrow and write the result?
I found a USB to PS/2 converter and tryed it out.

It still can't find the keyboard but now instead of sjutting down, it ask for at proper boot media and waits for either rebooting or pressing of akey (that i can't)
The other keyboard made the motherboad say a clicking sound whenever i pressed a key or held it in, but the same result...
Okay, now is where it gets really wierd: I put my windows cd in the DVD/BlueRay-drive and started the PC again. The samme message showed but it started the windows installation, and now he USB for the mouse works???
So now I'm installing windows again. If that works should I just keep evrything the way they are, or does this whole episode signal that there might be a problem with my hardware?
Hard to say unless you establish if the keyboard was shorting the USB ports.

For Vista/Win7 do a startup repair
Hmmm thanks for the help, I now managed to get back to the stae the computer was in just before it all hapend (except that I now have 2 windows') So if evrythig runs as beforefrom here, will there be any reason worrying about if any hardware is damaged after my tinkering with it?

Sorry that I seems so nervous I was just pretty expensive so im a litle worried for performance drops and malfunctions.

And by the way, thanks a lot for your fast responses, you've even beaten Asus' own tech support ;)
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