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Hi All!

I’ve searched high and low for help with my issue but can’t find a solution (if there is one).
I’m setting up my home office for being able to wfh in my new job (no requirements for cutting edge gaming picture and quality etc).

I have bought a ZMUIPNG USB-C docking station, as well as two LG 22” monitors. The monitors are connected to the docking station as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse. When I plug the D/S into my work laptop (Acer Travelmate N19q7) everything works - monitors display and keyboard and mouse are useable.

When I connect to my personal laptop (HP Pavilion 360 14-dw1012sa) the keyboard and mouse work but the monitors aren’t detected. I have checked the USB-C type according to laptop specs and I think it should support video out. Also have all the latest drivers installed.

Can anyone help? Or is my laptop just not compatible?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Check the HP specs. Some models have the USB-C port listed as "Data Transfer Only".

Based strictly on what you've done so far, I'd say this applies to yours as well.
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