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USB 5&6 don't work

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I have an Asus P4S533-MX motherboard with the following:
BIOS level 1004
OS Win XP Pro
RAM 512M PC2700
Video ATI Radon 7500 all in wonder
HDD WD 80G & WD 60G
Optical Sony DRU500A & Pioneer DVD ROM

Here's the problem. USB ports 1-4 are working just fine, they are the ones socketed on the back of the board. I have front panel ports for USB 5&6 (the ones on headers). When I connect the cable from the headers to the front panel socket, the PC will not see either DVD drive and the usb ports don't see anything. The cable from the sockets to the headers is shielded and certified for USB 2.0. Still suspecting some sort of crosstalk, I tried repositioning the USB sockets to make sure the cable wasn't paralell to the DVD ribbon cable, but still no luck. Any ideas? Anyone?
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I'd suspect that the cable you have isn't connected to the correct pins, or those USB ports aren't enabled in the BIOS.
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Usually the optioal motherboard connectors for the front USB connectors are USB 1.1 at least they are on my three machines.

But the ones on the back of the motherboard are 2.0 if that's what the motherboard supports. You need to be careful that it's the right pinout. There is some handy information here.............:winkgrin:
I verified the pinout on the MB per the manual and it matches what the front panel socket should have. I also checked the BIOS and USB is enabled there as well. I forgot to mention earlire that when the 2 DVD drives fail to show up with the USB cable connected, it's in the POST. This I believe eliminates a driver issue since the problem seems to be pre-OS. I did notice that Asus has a newer BIOS version (1005), but I've been a little reluctant to reflash based on what other people have posted on this forum and elsewhere. Allthough if anyone has tried going to 1005 with success, let me know, it may be worth a shot.
Well after reading the manual...(He He) your board does support USB2 for that header.

Bios version 1005 seems to just support CPU upgrades.
I had the same problem you have to update the usb controller. Go to Start> Settings> Control Panel> System> Hardware> Device Manager> Universal Serial Bus controllers then right click, then update every thing that says USB...........
That is worth a try, but I'm not sure what it will do because the DVD drives disappear in the system POST during bootup:confused: Basically, it's as if the secondary IDE channel somehow gets shut off when that USB socket is added (even though nothing is connected to it).
By the way, I did grit my teeth and upgrade the BIOS to ver 1005. It worked, nothing bad happened. But it didn't help the problem either.:upset:
I just got my new system:

Pentium4 2.4GHz

and the first time I plugged in a USB device to the front ports, my secondary IDE immediatly went off (the front 2 USBs never worked). The BIOS has not recognized my secondary IDE since. I searched the net high and low and tried every concievable tip/trick from clearing the CMOS to wrestling with USB drivers to updating BIOS to 1006. Nothing. I finally formatted everything, took everything apart, looked for physical defects, put it back together like it came, and flashed back to the original BIOS. Still, secondary IDE not recognized. I've already sent for a RMA request to return what I'm now convinced is a defective motherboard.

Did you ever resolve your issue, or do you have any final advice or insight for me?
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For future reference if you have a problem it would be nice if you started your own thread on your particular problem. It will make it easier for people to reply to you.

If the pinout on the motherboard doesn't match the USB connector on the front of the case then you more than likely damaged your motherboard by hooking up a USB device to the front USB connector. There should be something in your manual that refers to this.
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