The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits continue to roll on, with the court’s jury now asking for more information. The jury specifically asked for Apple to provide notes from Steve Jobs showing exactly what his intentions were for both Apple products and if he intended to sue Samsung.

The eight-member jury wrote to Judge Lucy Loh asking five questions about the case. As she reviewed each note, Judge Koh ordered both Apple and Samsung lawyers to return to the courtroom to ask how they would respond to the questions. Judge Koh decided to ask only one of the five questions submitted by the jury. This is shown in the picture above.

Focusing on Apple, Judge Koh asked the Apple lawyers to provide evidence showing exactly what Steve Jobs had said during his tenure as CEO. The court is looking to see whether or not Steve Jobs had intentions to sue Samsung as well as later on to sue Google.

Also asked by the jury was how Apple chose its five patents to show in court. They have strong beliefs that the chosen patents were not identified by Apple executives before the case had begun, meaning these chosen patents were intended to make money off Samsung.

When it came to questioning Samsung, the jury asked how Samsung knew to purchase the two questionable patents and who made the recommendation to them. Samsung is counter suing that Apple has copied Samsung's devices such as tablets and smartphones. At a point in this case, Samsung did successfully get Apple products banned from the United States. However, it was overruled by the President of the US.

As this case had been going on for nearly two years, Apple and Samsung will continue battling it out in order to get the other one either fined or banned from imports in the US. Apple claims a loss of $2.2 billion in iPhone infringement whereas Samsung is looking for $6.2 billion in software infringement. Only time will tell who will “win” this court battle, other than the legal teams.

You can view the note from the jury in the Apple vs. Samsung (held on April 30th) case here:

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