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I'm not sure if this is the right spot, or even if I'm asking my question right. I looked at the FAQ & did a search but didn't find any posts referring to these data mining sites.

something called "" is constantly transferring data from my PC when I go to a free stock chart site using Mozilla browser. It appears at the foot of my screen, and slows down my browser on that site.

When I go to the site in IE, I don't notice anything telling me it's doing it thru IE browser.

From a google search, some have ID'd it as connected to, e.g.,

I'm not a programmer and can't figure out how to "replaced their Java class file (measure.class) with a blank file and set it to read-only" like this blogger suggests.

I use AVG 8.0 (free virus/spyware software). I also periodically use the free AdAware to check for spyware/etc., but it's not running in the background.

I went into my Mozilla "options" menu and tried to put both these companies in the cookies "exception" file to block them both ( and but it doesn't affect it.

Is there a way to block these sites and keep them from constantly transferring data?
Or is it just one of those annoyances we have to put up w/?

i fear they are stealing my soul? ;-)

Besides the software mentioned above, my hardware is:

Dell Dimension 3000 – Desktop/Tower model
Processor Speed 2.34 GHz
512 MB RAM
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Also I have service pack 3 installed recently
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I would recommend that you run your AdAware program, as well as download Spybot S&D and then update and run the progam. This is a free program so don't worry about that. Then you should be able to remove a lot of spyware from your computer.

As for what "" is I found that it is a program that anonymously tracks who is visiting websites handled by them. I myself, have a hard time in this day in age believing in total anonymous, especially on the web.

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