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Urgent problem, help please (At my wits end)

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I have internet college classes and its 1 day till they are due and i've tried to fix my computer but it seems i just cant get it right... i have a moderate knowledge in computer hardware and software... I'm on a bad laptop atm so im sorry if i mispell due to this tiny keyboard.

Ok, first heres my setup...
MSI K8N Neo Platinum
Athlon 3000+ 64-Bit
2 512 MB sticks OCZ platinum revision 2 ram
Radeon 9800 SE by Xpertgamer
OCZ Modstream 450 Watt PS
2 SATA 250 GB seagate
1 IDE HD 120 GB

Ok, so I have left my computer on for a straight month and it was running ok, I rebooted regularly and have gotten no viruses. I have been having problems with my moniter (Turns off randomly and blurs in and out (signs of death)). I had 2 250GB HD's set up on as a raid and it worked fine up until a few days ago... I awoke to my moniter having streaks of rainbow looking static and locked up completely.

I rebooted and my raid manager (in bios) the raid controller is build into the mobo btw... Was flashing DEGRATED, it wouldnt mirror anymore and i couldnt rebuild my mirror raid RAID-1. I said oh well and just used them like usual...

Ok, aftwr this about 3 days later my moniter just shuts off and goes into standby but my computer remains there, not rebooting and not powering down... I hard powered it down to stop it and tried to reboot it and it would shut of my moniter the second it powered up. I let it sit one day powered down then tried again and it got to the windows screen and fully loaded then froze and after i shut it down thern repowered it up it showed ther bios and the bios screen was black and white and all blocky...

Well i borrowed a PCI card for now and it runs fine without the card but im a gamer and i cant live without graphics. I bought a X850 at my local bestbuy and put it in and heres the kicker... Its an AGP card not pci-e btw...AND IT LOADS BUT MY MONITER WONT TURN ON!!! My sound plays the windows theme and it starts up updating my softwares but i i cant see anything at all... the moniter goes into standby...oh and it beeps one long beep when it starts up.

Did my AGP fry my 9800 and fry this card too ? Did i get a bad card maybe? Is my 450w PS insufficient if i run 3 HD's 1 DVD r/w +/- 1 CD rom 1 floppy and 3 case fans??..oh and it beeps one long beep when it starts up.

I'm at my wits end and I need an answer, your help would mean the world to me.
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hmm it could be a bad card but that doesnt happen alot but thers a chance.
find some old agp card and see if the agp slot fries that one too if so well your agp slot is messy and dont put nething in there ne more. from there on you can either A get a new mobo the exact one if possible or B live with a decent 5700le pci

also another option is that the power to the agp slot is faulty besides that i have no clue ill let someone else give some ideas

but u said internet college classes lol is there gaming required ^^
see if you can borrow a quality 550w supply to try in it
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