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urgent Networking Help

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i have a network running from computer A (main computer) to computer B (in bedroom) via ethernet cable and it was working fine, untill reciently. i had a virus on computer B so i wiped it off and deleted it, but ever since i deleted it the internet has stoped running on compter b. now everytime i start computer b up i get a error message saying:
'rundll: error loading C:\progra~1\newdot~1\newdot~1.dll
the specified module could not be found'.

and also a message saying:
'win32cfg has encounterd a problem and needs to close'

now i have no idea if these errors are stoping internet activity on comp b, but they only started showing up wen the internet Fecked up.

i have also tryed going to 'repair' in the networks connections boz, but everytime i click on that it says
'the following step of the repair operation failed,
renewing the IP address'

i really need the internet on comp b up and working as soon as poss, so if anyone has any help what so ever it would be really appreciated.

i hope all that made sense beacuse ive very tired lol :sleep:
many thanks
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how did u get intenet before the virus?
where the virus was found?
what kind of virus?
i was running the internet from the main comp to the room upstairs via a ethernet cable.
i think the virus said it was a trojon, and i think it was sumwhere in the system files but im not entirly sure becuse i just deleted it straight away.

write bk,


i think u deleted a system file.
try installing the windows again or do a system restore.
and look at your network properties if they changed since the virus
isnt they anyway of thrying to sort this without deleting all my files?

thx for the help

use the windows system restore to restore to the last good settings.
use the windows installation repair option.
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