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URGENT: National Security Issue !!!

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I live in a country that is ON FIRE. our government now is trying to find and spy on citizens to arrest them and torture them

the matter is I want to know if I am safe or not

bear with me because a Nation is depending on this !!

1- I have a page on facebook about the revolt and it is active, I am using https to surf there, is there by any chance an opportunity for the government to catch my identity? can they get my IP? and do facebook reveal some of users information to security forces, agents, government etc ... ?!
(same question for twitter and e-mails)

2- I've done additional steps to raise my security level like:

- having Skype instead of messenger for chatting, coz its much more secure as far as I know
-using Tor just yesterday as a proxxy (it's been 2 months since revolt began though), but with allowing plugins to run youtube, flash etc.
-used https for my e-mails with hotmail and gmail
-used fake nicknames and everything

any other suggestions or notes??!


so many thanks in advance
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1. Facebook has a history of complying with government requests for personal information. Details from Facebook, Twitter and email accounts can be cross-referenced to easily identify the user.

2. Privacy International Warns of Skype Security Concerns, Friday, March 18, 2011 -
Privacy International is concerned that weaknesses in Skype security may endanger users who live in regions with oppressive governments by allowing authorities to monitor some communications.

The organization has identified the following vulnerabilities:

* Skype interface uses arbitrary names rather than unique IDs, allowing for people to be impersonated in the user list

* Skype downloads are not sent over a secure, encrypted SSL connection (HTTPS), allowing other sites to masquerade as the main site and supply compromised versions of the software - which that has occurred in China

* The audio compression system used by Skype allows for identification of phrases with an accuracy of between 50% and 90% even with encryption applied
:( shooooooooot ,, how about using Tor does it make me any advanced?

thanks anyway, see you in grave
Given enough power, desire, money, time, nothing is impossible to track.

What country is this? Hard to tell since you are using a proxy to post here or were.

Bahrain ... it is outrageous here in case you read news you'll know ... like its hell in earth
problem is US government has strong relationship with ours (US fifth fleet is in Bahrain) and so no media about us ....
I have no answer for you that can guarantee your safety on the web.

Use of proxy may help some.

There is still some news coming out of there.

thanks guys anyway, just pray for us
What on earth are you guys doing that you need to hide it from
What on earth are you guys doing that you need to hide it from
Poster says he is in Bahrain, so it is probably this - 2011 Bahraini uprising - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
asiastec: the true question is: What on earth the gov is doing so we need to hide our identities !!
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