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Urgent help needed with random file opening problem!

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Ok so basically! I accidently copied a major folder i use into another folder during this i pressed cancel..then unsure how to get it all back to where it was i just did a system restore.

Now everytime i go to open a word doc i get this:
word cannot open this document user does not have access privileges

Other files such as mp3's & pictures also won't open..but appear to be there...

There's a folder in C: called: 204b12e691dc33a5bf

Inside is a weird file called mrt.exe & mrtstub.exe ... no idea why they are there and that's the folder i accidently pasted some of these files into.

P4 - I went into safemode to change the settings and i was still not allowed....i can't actually open even the ones that where originally there....It's really hard to explain but:

> Copied accidently
> Stopped the copy
> some remained
> now there's two main folders called OLX (80% in 1 20% in other)
> i can't open a file in both
> the OLX which has moved is located in that mumble jumble folder...

Any ideas how to help?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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