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URGENT HELP...Blue screen of death

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I just suffered the blue screen of death. So, i shut down the laptop, when i rebooted it, i get the black screen saying "Non-System disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready"

But, there is no disk in the cd drive, there i no floppy drive, and nothing is connected to my laptop, not even my wireless card.

Please help me, i don't know why this is happening.

*Edit*...weird...i went into the rom based thing and fooled around in setting..i didnt save anything i did the "ignore changs and leave" and then when i left, it worked again.

So i do have my computer working, but i would still like to know why it happend. :4-dontkno
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The BSoD, we'll need all the page info of the next time you get it. Also ghave a check if you have a minidump.dmp file C:\WINDOWS\Minidump. The disk error seems like a bad HDD or a temporary loose cable.

Run these checks please:

# Checkdisk:

- Log on in an Administrator privileged account
- Press the keyboard buttons: Winkey+r
- Paste in the slot: chkdsk /f/r
- Press: enter ( black window appears)
- Press: Y button
- Press: enter
- Reboot the comp
(this process is the longest, worse the screen may be lost before hours later the computer arrives at the welcome screen)

That will fix most repairable bad sectors it finds on your HDD.

#HDD Diagnostic Utility

- For your manufacturer/model, download its utility from here:
- Run a thorough scan and see if any errors are given.

Let us know what you get.
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Hi iball, Hi Kalim

Glad that the system is working OK already.

In addition to Kalim's instructions, I imagine you could also look in your Event Viewer logs to see what caused the first error. There may be an error message in the event logs related to the crash. Go to Start/Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer. To see the details of an event, right-click on it, and select "Properties".

You might want to grab a manual for the settings for your system's Bios Setup, since you want those to be sorted correctly. Most major brand computers have manuals available from the vendors' websites.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
. . . Gary
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