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URGENT computer help

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Ok, well guys. I am in need of urgent help from you.
I have a Dell Dimension desktop computer running Windowns XP with Internet explorer 6 with Tiscali as my ISP.
In the last two weeks I have been recieving a message when I 1st turn on the computer saying
"Other applications currently occupy USB bandwidth. Please close all other applications then remove other USB devices. Click OK to continue"
If I press cancel then it continues to appear every two minutes but if I press the only other option, OK, then I get a new box coming up saying,
"Please wait while modem is adjusting the USB bandwidth"

Even after that when the box goes the same first message comes up 5 minutes later.

This USB bandwidth problem happened at the same time as problem two. I am not able to connect to the internet, whenever I try to connect it just says no dial tone. Now while this sounds like a problem with my internet connection equipment I am strangly able to connect to the interent when someone is using the phone or the phones off the hook.

I need the internet so at first I called tiscali. They are crap. I called them a total of 5 times and was on the phone to them a total of around 3 hours. They did nothing, they sais swap my filters around and that didnt work, they said buy new filters and that didnt work. They were awful. Then today I called out BT as I thought it could be a BT line fault. They sent a man out who spend 4 hours at my house, he tried everything but couldnt do anything about it, he believes its tiscalis fault.

So at this point Im on the net with the phone off the hook and that can't go on, so basically if any of you have any ideas I will be ever so grateful. What can I do?
Thank you
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Well first off why are you connected to the internet through USB? That really makes no sense although I have seen several other ISPs try it. I'm guessing you have dialup and from what your telling me I also assume that your Dell doesn't have an integrated dialup modem. Does the modem you got from the ISP have an ethernet port on the back? It looks like a regular phone jack but it's a little wider.

If you have the option of connecting to your machine through that you should do it. Preferably you should have an internal dial up modem. You can pick one up for like $7 at NewEgg.
Sounds like DSL to don't need filters for dialup.

Is your mouse a USB mouse or do you have a USB printer? if so, you may need to find a PS/2 converter (something like THIS) or you may need to disconnect whichever device you have connected which could be conflicting.

Walk through your house and unplug all your phones from the wall, then see if you can connect. If your filters are setup correctly, they shouldn't even know whether or not the phones are connected. *note* the modem does not get a filter...only the phones need filters */note*

You should have filters on all the phones in your house
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