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I am using Emulator 8086 for creating a very basic OS of my own. All file handling operations, like creating, opening, reading and writing to a file are working perfectly with the interrupts of int 21h.

However, file deletion is NOT working.

Here's the code that I wrote for file deletion - it is very simple and conforms to the norms but it is not working.

org 100h


OurBuff db 00h, 00h
senter db "Enter the path : $"
sdeleted db "Deleted$"
serror db "Error$"


mov ax, @data
mov ds, ax

mov dx, offset senter
mov ah, 09h
int 21h

mov bx, offset OurBuff
mov dx, bx
mov byte [bx], 33
mov ah, 0Ah
int 21h

mov al, [bx+1]
xor ch, ch
mov cl, al ;cl and hence cx = actual length of string
add al, 02h
xor ah, ah
mov si, ax
mov byte [bx+si], 0

mov dx, offset OurBuff
mov ah, 41h
int 21h

jc error

mov dx, offset sdeleted
jmp endit


mov dx, offset serror


mov ah, 09h
int 21h


Kindly help me out as soon as possible.
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Not open for further replies.