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Upgrading For Games!

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With games getting more and more demanding on our machines it's costing us alot of money inst it? under a year ago my pc was undefeatable, could run evry game full no problem now it is slipping, downhill, fast! So the real topic is who has made a really good upgrade lately that was worth every penny for the extra performance and anytips people could give me or i could give them.

Basically post your specs and say a price range and see if someone is interested in telling you what you could get.

My spec:
3000+ Athlon 64 S754
1024mb ram @400mhz
128mb Geforce 6 6600GT
120Gb Hard drive

and in a few months i may be wanting to spend around 300 so what can i get that will really increase performance and be worth it for that much money?
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Hey we have the same gfx card! i dont think any1 wants to spend alot of money to upgrade lol but it does happen, especially when buying a gfx card but if you spend more you get more. About your ram, if u wanna run latest games even a gig isnt enough anymore, fear recommends 1gig and im sure you know that to run at full you need to be above recommended so i would say go for 2gig 3200 thats wat i mite have soon. I currently have 1gig (2x512) 3200 dual-channel but i have a spare slot so im gonna maybe get an extra gig soon.

Oh yeh i just noticed another thing, you have overclocked your gfx card, i wanna do that if it is safe that is. Tell me your temps all round (CPU,case and gfx card) please. Also what drivers have you got for your gfx card? im using modded drivers (80.40 Xtreme G) they produce abit more heat but thay add 20fps to halo so im not complaining lol
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wow ur pc runs pretty hot, my case temp is 15 degrees(C) at rest and cpu is 25 degrees(C) not sure about under stress but i dont think it is much hotter than that. gfx card standard temp is 58degrees(C) and 68 degrees(C) under stress, so good temps i would say, what do you think?
ummm......4800+ doesn't exist :1angel:
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