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Upgraded to 3GB total RAM. Only 2.2GB registered on DxDiag.

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Anyone know why this is? I am running Windows XP, I heard this has something to do with it but I was not aware 2.2gig RAM was the cap. In fact, i did a google search and found nobody at all with a similar problem. I have 2 sticks of 512 Kingston RAM and 2 sticks of 1GB Kingston RAM, both sets are the same model with different amounts of it - and yes, I tried reinstalling the RAM, and they are in the proper color-coded areas.
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what does system information give you
xp 32x see's 3.5g
is any assigned to the video card
it says:

Memory: 2302MB RAM
Ok, it says:

Type: DDR2
Memory: 3072
Channels #: Dual

So, this program detects the 3GB ram, but Windows doesn't.
check in the bios and see if any is allocated to the video
check in the bios and see if any is allocated to the video
? I don't understand.
some cards although they have their own ram can also draw on the system ram
the amount it can draw is set in the bios
my 7600gs has 256mb and can draw a further 256mb from the system giving it 512mb
Well, if it matters, i have a Nvidia 8500GT 512MB card
still having this problem. I don't want to be shortchanged RAM.
The program you reccomended said 3024 ram.

The DxDiag says, "2302 RAM" meaning it only recognizes 2.3gig.
2.25gb Ram.
check all of the ram is seated properly
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