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upgrade win xp home sp2 to pro sp1.....

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im new here so if i put this in the wrong place.... im sorry....

I have windows xp home service pack 2 installed on both my desktop and my laptop. they were installed with service pack 2, not upgraded from service pack 1. i need to run xp professional on my computer to run .net stuff for visual basic studio for school. i get a free upgrade for xp pro but it is service pack 1. when i try to upgrade, it says i cant because i have a newer version of windows installed on my computer, and wont go any further than that. i cannot "roll back" to service pack 1 because it was installed from a service pack 2 cd, when i got both of my computers now. does anyone know what i can do to get the cd to install besides formatting my hard drive and installing the win pro service pack 1? i have a 120 gig hardrive and like 60 gigs is used from programs and files for school, work, games, and other junk.

any suggestions will be rockin...
thanks alot to those that can help
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we don't let email addresses sit on the board...

aside from that, any reply should be made here, so that we know someone isn't giving bad advice.

a public forum is an honest one.
ok, sorry about that...

different forums have different rules, i wont do it again.
First of all don't worry about what walt said, he wasn't getting on to you he was just saving you some headaches. If you leave your email address on this board where it is easily visible, there are bots that will pick it up and start emailing you spam. So we don't let email addresses sit here to save you from getting a butload of spam emails.

You could try slipstreaming sp2 onto an XP pro cd (if you have a cd-burner) and see if that will install. Otherwise you may be stuck doing a repair install which will just replace the c:\windows directory and leave all your other files intact.

If you want to try slipstreaming SP2 onto an XP pro disc (since you have a legit liscense this is legal) you can read up on how to do it HERE
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