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I'm planning on upgrading my computer quite a lot. Firstly I'll be adding more RAM, a processor and a new graphics card. But I could do with some compatibility help if that's ok?

I'm running:
Inspiron 530s (Slim)
Vista 32 bit

I'm planning to add:

Processor - 1 x Intel Pentium E5800 / 3.2 GHz ( 800 MHz ) - LGA775 Socket - L2 2 MB - Box: Computers & Accessories

Kingston Technology 2GB 667MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL5 DIMM: Computers & Accessories x2

Sapphire HD5570 1GB DDR3 Graphics Card: Computers & Accessories

I currently have a ati radeon hd 2400 pro. Will this graphics card be a lot better? I hope it will :)

Whats the difference between that one and:

Sapphire HD5770 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card: Computers & Accessories

And will all this be compatible together?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello Luther1496

Welcome to the fourm

I am currently looking over your Computer and the parts you listed for compatibility
Check back soon :p.
Thanks :)
OEM Bios are made for the retailer and not all CPU's compatible with the retail version of the Mobo are compatible with the OEM version. Contacting Dell for CPU compatibility is the best option.
It's very doubtful a full size GPU will fit in the case.
PCI-E GPU's need a minimum 550W good quality PSU and your case will not accept an ATX PSU.
Ok I have had a look over what you listed;

Upgrading your Processor from your E2160 > E5800 i see no problems, that should be ok, they both use 64W ( i am cautious of your Power supply as we don't want to stress it) Also be careful when taking the heat sink of your current CPU as i know from past experience that Dell put them on good :p

Yes upgrading from 1GB > 4GB will be fine with that ram, they are both running 667Mhz speeds and as far as i am aware 4GB is the max (Just remember if you are running a 32-Bit OS your pc will only recognize 3.25GB of that)

Now your current 2400 Pro uses 95W of power and your new card (HD5570) uses 155W at idle (desktop) and 225W at load, now i would be cautious of the power supply
I can tell you that in your pc you have a 300W PSU Now your new card recommends a 500W power supply so No i would suggest staying away from that card

So in summery NO not everything you listed will work.

Now let me answer your second question, I would go for the second one (GDDR5)
Let me explain why;

Your current Graphics card has;
600MHZ GPU (like a CPU but for graphics)
500MHZ Memory clock (Just think of it as the speed of your RAM you are going to buy but for graphics)

Your new graphics card
Sapphire HD5770 1GB GDDR5 has:
1024MB RAM (GDDR5)
4000MHZ Memory Clock

Now the difference between GDDR2 and GDDR5 is the speed at which your memory clock runs at as you can see for yourself ;

500MHZ vs. 4000MHZ (your new card)

Hope that helped,

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I currently have a ati radeon hd 2400 pro. Will this graphics card (HD 5570) be a lot better? Whats the difference between that one and (an HD 5770)?
The HD5570 is a vastly superior card to the HD 2400. The 5570 is a low profile card which comes with a slimline bracket and will fit into your existing case. The HD 5770 is a higher end card, however, it cannot be made to fit into your slimline case.

That being said, your stock 250 watt power supply will not power either card and would need to be upgraded.

If it were me, I would upgrade the memory, only, and then begin saving for a full rebuild.
So the processor and RAM are fine. Any way I could increase the power supply to get that card to work? Or is there any cards you could recommend?

Thanks so far.
It looks like it mite. From looking at newegg it looks like the 5450 takes less power than the video card you have. I would do the other up grades and see how you like it then try the video card. You mite want to up grade to windows 7. When I went to windows 7 64 bit for xp 32 bit it made my PC faster.
Good Luck Johnny333
65++ and still ticking.
Thanks johnny333, but i don't think I want to fork out for windows 7 32 bit as well.
So the processor and RAM are fine. Any way I could increase the power supply to get that card to work? Or is there any cards you could recommend?

Thanks so far.
The CPU "might" work but no guarantees. See Post#4.
Mixing RAM brands/specs often results in problems.
The 5450 is compatible with your Mobo.
Do you have a good quality 550W PSU?
I'm not entirely sure what my PSU is, how do I find out? Will I need to take the case apart to see?

If the RAM is incompatible then I could replace the existing 1GB sticks with two 2GBs. (I only want 4GB.)
Remove the case side and look on the label affixed to the PSU. It will have the Brand Name & Model Number.
Thanks, I'll have a look now.
Scratch all that.

Bought a case, it's massive. Plus a 550w power supply. I'm going to use the processor I have now as a temporary. Any suggestions on what to get? I'm looking for decent gaming stuff but i don't want to spend a horrendous amount!
Brand & Model of the PSU?
Oh yes! Sorry.

Xspice power pack 550w croon BF series

Ezcool A-200
That PSU is not good quality. 550W minimum SeaSonic-XFX-Corsair.
That bundle will work.
Ok so you think I should go get a better power supply? I don't want to be spending much more to be honest, that was £60 anyway.

Could you give me a link? I'm having trouble finding it, sorry :)
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