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Dell Latitude D830
Windows xp SP3
Intel Core Duo 2 with 2 2 G of ram
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M

So this is kinda a long story and an evolving problem. It started sunday afternoon. After using my computer with no problems, including running WOW, I shut down my computer and took it somewhere else. I used basic programs such as a browser and winamp. When I went to open WOW there was a graphical issue and the screen when fuzzy with a block of different color where my mouse was. This caused the system to freeze up and a hard reset.

Thinking that was just a fluke I rebooted and tried again with the same results. I tried a third and fourth time using different unrelated games of differing eras that had all worked prior to that afternoon. Still all the other programs worked and none showed any sign of issue. At this point I ventured it was a graphics card issue or a corrupted driver. So i downloaded the latest driver from NVIDIA and tried to install it.

THis caused the computer to need a hard reset as well. When the computer rebooted it then produced a series of multi colored columns instead of the desktop. THis continued with repeated results.

Safe mode booting worked and I was able to recover all the important files. I was also able to restore a save state from the prior friday and this booted normally. THis save state still has an issue with opening any game and produces prior results. I then rationalized that it might be a bios and driver integration issue. So i downloaded the lastest driver from DEll using the service code and updated from A05 to A14. I then restarted the computer and had no issues. Dell also had a driver update so i downloaded that and tried to install. Lo and behold this worked and i restarted.

However this also produced the columns of colors that then proceded into a black screen and needed a safe mode/ save state from friday to remedy. At this point I am afraid to do anything and am unsure how to procceed. Any suggestions or questions about what I am running I would be happy to provide. Sorry about the length but i wanted to be thurough.
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