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Updates not installing

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Hello everyone, I've been having this issue for quite awhile now, and just letting it go by, but now it's starting to really become an issue I think. I have several updates in windows that will just NOT update. Looking at the update history it started back in December. I'm not very computer savvy, my machine is mostly for gaming, and it now seems to be dragging my games down. I know there is gonna be additional information needed, but if anyone could help me figure out how to get these things to install, and get my machine back to properly auto-installing updates, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, around the same time as these updates stopped installing, I have completely lost the bookmark feature in Firefox, all my old bookmarks are gone, and I can click to bookmark something, but it doesn't do anything. Not sure if this is related, but it started around the same time.

I am currently running Windows Vista 32 bit SP2, and I run it in classic view. The updates that are refusing to install are;

Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista (KB976325)
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 Security Update for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (KB979906)
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB959209) x86
Security Update for Windows Vista (KB974318)
Update for Windows Vista (KB970430)
Update for Windows Vista (KB971737)

I was guessing that it was the .NET framework that makes my computer feel like it's just dragging, but I was messing with mods for Just Cause 2 (PC game) and one said it needed .NET framework 4.0 and I installed it, now I can't run my Curseclient for World of Warcraft. This is ultimately what prompted me to seek assistance. But also hoping there is some easy fix here to get things back to normal, I miss my bookmarks too.

Anyway, if anyone can offer any help, I would really appreciate it.

**EDIT** The error codes showing up in the Windows Updater are;
Code 80070490
Code 66A
Code 8007045

Clicking on the "Get help with this Error" link doesn't even find those codes
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Hi, that link from Usasma has helped many, there is a MS tool for this problem might also like to give it a try... scroll down to manually install for your OS.
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