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Update and power trouble

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Update and power trouble [urgant]

Last night my computer was doing an update but then as it we'er going through the process before shutting down I had a powercut, now whe I turn my computer on it asked if I want to start windows normaly, load the last know configurations or safe mode options.
What should I do? when I choose start it normaly it just does the blue screen or a instant and restarts its self.
I've tried to do safemode but it keep restarting again.
If theres anyway I can get round with without earsing all my data that would be great.
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Do you have a Windows disk?
No I don't think so.
Can you post the Blue scree message? You might have to select 'disable automatic restart on system failure'
Sorry I can't do anything, when the XP load up screen comes up a few seconds after it blue screen for like a mili seconds and the comp restarts. I've reset CMOS by taking and putting back in the battery and the little clip trick.
Press F8 on boot up, hopefully you will get the black screen that will give you the options for Safe mode etc, then select the option mentioned above.
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