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Upates wont download/install

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hi guys, my coputer won't download or install any updates for norton or windows. When i go to update norton, it goes through all the steps but the says that the update couldn't be installed, the same happens with windows. When i open action centre, these two updates both have something to do with virus protection. Does anyone know what i can do to fix this, without uninstalling windows or norton.

Also, i know this was dumb, but when it said stuff like 'do not turn of power or unplug device' before shutting down, i did. I know i shouldn't have but i was always late or in a hurry.
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Hi -

There is an obvious problem with Norton.

Get rid of Norton Internet Security/ N360 - NIS/ N360 Removal -- MVP

Reboot upon completion.

Install MSE -

Regards. . .


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