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unzip in linux

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i have problem plz tell me that how i unzip file in linux


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When asked which program to open it with, type in ark. It probably came preinstalled, and can open many kinds of archive files (zip included).
Or open up your shell and type

unzip path_of_file
If you have a .tar.gz ending of the file, type tar xvfz filename. If this is Fedora or RedHat or the likes, then you install it with something like yum. sudo (or su, enter, *type in root password*) yum install filename
how bout to unzip sumting to such this dir

/gc/uc (like /root)

every time in try extract it it say no permission to extract file to this dir

b4 extract, i just enter the password.but still cant extract it...

plz help new wit linux..use RH9...
you can't have permission to enter /root even as a superuser, root is a separate user, su is a normal user with root privileges. try entering as root, you won't have much trouble with anything then.
Also, you shouldn't be running Linux as root in the first place. Get out of that bad Windows habit. :4-thatsba
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