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Unsolvable BSOD continues! [moved from Vista/ Windows 7]

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Still getting BSOD. Have tried so much!!! Just installed SP1 and was fine for a week but just got BSOD again.

Heres the original thread:

Also some more progress here:
BSOD unsolvable??? - Tech Support Guy Forums

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Re: Unsolvable BSOD continues!

for bsod help please go to the crash forum, and dont demand for help saying "HELP ME!!" is a big turn off, also remember our bsod "pros" count is low so please be patient.

Hi -

That thread is 6 months old - September 2010.

Run Driver Verifier - Driver Verifier - Windows 7 & Vista (BSOD-related)

Driver Verifier needs to run 24 hours minimum or until it BSODs your system, whichever is less. Then run BSOD dump/ file collection app again -

Regards. . .


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Sorry for the late reply. I have now run driver verifier for 36 hours and no BSOD.

What should I try now?
Have just finished running memtest86+ overnight on all sticks and no errors found.

Re-running driver verifier in administrator mode now. Will see if this makes a difference
Continue having DV run in the background and send us any crashes experienced. Also, in the meantime, continue your hardware testing with Prime95 (Torture Test, Large FFTs, overnight) and Seatools (Small/Large self tests) if you haven't done so already.

We can use information from previous threads but at least for myself I'll consider this a separate incident and rely on your most recent reports that you'll be sending in this thread.
Prime 95 stops after about 2 mins. Is this normal? Am i doing it right?
Lol...I can understand your despair and anger , friend.

I've just SOLVED MY OWN BLUESCREEN OF DEATH after """2years"""!

It's a tough and long journey.

Wish you luck.

I've spent over $2000 to replace parts that i suspect.

In the end I've replaced the ENTIRE computer (***)

Turns out that my motherboard is DEFECTIVE out of the factory (It happens! and it's ******* BRAND NEW!)
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Does this mean its to do with the biod setup? I have everything set to auto and not sure if that is right. I will pull out the RAM in tomorrow and and post the details from each stick incase anyone can help with the voltages or other bios settings.
I'm not sure what you mean by "stops". Is there any message displayed? Typically it'll go through continuous iterations. Once a core in your CPU is finished with an iteration it'll will continue with another one.
"FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4

Hardware failure detected. consult the stress.txt file.

Torture test completed 0 tests in 0 minutes - 1 errors, 0 warnings. Worker stopped"

Thats what it says
That quickly eh? Well, then...

Try Torture Test with small FFTs now. If it stops and gives an error again, then you can bet it's either one of three things: power supply, motherboard, or cpu (most likely cpu). If not, you can assume memory.
OK this is working better.

I have an AMD Phenom II x4 965 CPU on an Asus M4A78LT-M board. All settings are set to auto as I dont know much about voltages etc, but I am trusting the board to set itself up. Cant find manual settings anywhere on the net to copy from.

Will pull out the mem later to get info on it too, but all memtest86+ scans have come back clean.

PSU was also changed to one from my old, stable system.

Propper head scratcher this one!

I have just tried to access asus update and both times BAM! BSOD

Driver verifier was running so here is the new dump: View attachment
Text Font Line Number Screenshot

Momory info (both sticks are identical).
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Yep, the updater itself was the cause in the latest dump.

I noticed that you tried to update via a 32-bit version of the updater. Is there no 64-bit version available?
if prime stops after 2 minutes and gives an error then either you have a ram problem or an overheating problem.

when you ran memtest86 on the ram did you run it with all of ram installed? memtest needs to be run on one stick of ram for several passes to be accurate then swap over with the other ram stick.

have you checked to see what you temps and voltages are like in the BIOS? if using an app to check voltages and temps do not use speedfan as its innacurate.
No 64bit version of updater. As it is I have the latest BIOS.

GBL: you say check the voltages and temps. What values should I have? I have no idea.

Also the last overnight memtest was on both sticks at once BUT i have done the individual tests before.
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