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Hi. My name is Shane..(obviously =P), and I plan to keep this rather brief...

I just recently installed Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 on my computer. Everything is working just fine and dandy, but each time I restart the computer, Windows detects two devices..without fail..

Looking under the Device Manager, I find that these two devices are labeled as "Other Devices" according to the manager, one being called a "PCI Device" and the other literally being called "Unknown Device"...

As far as I know, the only thing installed in my PCI slots is a Soundblaster Audigy SE card, and that is all. Ironically enough, however, my sound card is working perfectly, with the latest drivers and updates installed.

As for the "unknown device" prompt...who knows? No idea where its coming from..

Currently, I have both devices disabled. Its an easy fix to make them stop appearing at start-up, but I'd really like to --permanently-- delete them if possible..

And yes, I think thats about all I have to say..thank you so much for your time and energy. If you need further information on my computer's setup, please ask.

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