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Hi, on my main pc (specs below), several problems occured this morning.

-Firefox now downloads at about 1kb/s
-IE closes within 1 second of it's window opening
-My antivirus won't start
-It keeps getting hotter and hotter.
-It completely froze twice
-and one BSOD.

My computer has been running fine for a year and a bit, I haven't downloaded anything for 4 days, and afaik I haven't visited any unusual sites.

But since I booted this morning, firefox downloads everything (pages, downloads, etc) at about 1 to 3kb/s. Internet explorer now closes instantly.
My antivirus (Avast) won't start. The temperature goes to 60C at speed of about 1 degree a minute (very roughly, it's quicker to start with), slows to 1 degree per 5 minutes and stays at about 65C, raising at about 1 degree every 20 minutes. Twice this morning, while doing completely seperate tasks at the time, it froze completely and wouldn't respond to anything (except the power button being held down). And then it bluescreen'd.

Programs using the IE engine (steam client, and a browser made in work fine.

I'm currently using my netbook.

Computer specs:
HP DV9500 (or 9000 or 9667)
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz
2GB Ram
NVidia GeForce 8600M GS
2x 160GB Toshiba HDs

Bluescreen details:
STOP: 0x000000D1
USBPORT.SYS (more details available if needed)
(I don't have any usb things plugged in or even own any)

Also, everything downloads at full speed, only ff has been slowed.
And it never used to go above 55C and the fan is still working at full speed. I've also taken off the panels and placed a fan in front of the base, but this only slowed it heating.

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The problem sounds like dust build up around the CPU heatsink and fan causing the CPU to overheat.
Is it clean and free of dust? Could also be a failing PSU not supplying sufficient current.
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