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Uninstalling Old Drivers :(

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Well here is my problem,

I wanted to download the latest updates and service packs onto my hard drive but as i have a slow connection i decided to take my hard drive over to my cousins as they have a much faster connection and would have taken less time. ( What a mistake this was, should have taken my whole tower)

Once i got there he replaced my hard drive straight over with his.. not putting it as the secondary slave. On boot up it got to the desktop and as its XP it auto detected all his hardware and installed lots of drivers from his hardware set up.

Anyway i finished the d/l took it back to mine and booted up.. this took about 3 mins longer just on the XP Pro loading screen. and then into a black screen and then to desktop..

i spoke to someone i know and they said the reason it was taking such a long time booting was because it was searching for my cousins drivers off his system. he said that it most likely wrote his drivers on the boot up file and that i would have to delete them. anyway i tried this, taking my tower to my cousins and plugging the hdd back into his so it would detect them, apparantly i couldnt do it from mine because XP only sees the drivers of the hardware its connected to. So i deleted what i could at his, put it back in my tower but its still taking forever to boot. The system doesnt seem to run any slower that it did before. i just dont like to wait around half a day for it to boot :( lol

If anyone has any ideas of what i can do to remedy this i would be very grateful.

Our systems are similar in spec. i dont know if i need to put them up.

i have backed everything up so a reformat or fresh reformat might be the only way to go :(

Chiefo :confused:
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It's impossible to know what exactly got changed, but moving the disk to another hardware platform and booting it is a very bad idea, as you have already figured out. :D

I'd opt for the clean install, and then invest in something along the lines of Norton GHOST to make image backups of your boot partition. GHOST has saved my butt serveral times when I've made big upgrades and didn't get the result I expected. :)
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