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Uninstalling Norton

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I found a thread on another site that was somewhat similar to mine but it was unable to help me, so I made a reply to that thread but I felt that this site seemed to be more useful in general and appropriate for the question so I pose the same question here, but I will leave the link to the other thread if anyone needs more background on the situation:

Ok well rather than typing out my problem twice I have quote what I have written in the other thread - though I have quoted within the post:

hi phantomazero,

not to worry i will give you a link and what ever version you have got
just have a good read and download the Removing your Norton program using SymNRT

here is the link:-

rgrds bobby
I don't know if it is just my computer but the link you have posted here doesn't seem to be working for me - though I get the feeling the symantec site is down at the moment - its just so hard to tell these days cause my computer/norton has been giving me so much grief these last few days I can never really tell if its a problem from my end or their end.

Either way I have a much in the same problem that PhantomaZero mentioned:
I'm looking into getting rid of Norton right now then, thanks!
EDIT: The half uninstallation incident I experienced seems to have corrupted Norton, it won't start up.

Okay, here's my current situation:

I've managed to disable the security alerts. But now a lot of my internet demanding programs that require a secure connection (email, games, credit card transactions) won't function.

I'm pretty sure its not a virus, and I run regular scans.
I'm at the point where I just want everything Norton off my computer and when I go to uninstall NIS it seems to get half way through the uninstall then its stuff up when trying to remove the firewall aspect of the program then I get a "Firewall is turned off" security alert, I have somehow through this process managed to stop a "internet proctection is turned off" security alert that used to come up everytime I turned my computer on and would continue to reappear every 10 seconds, but I still can't manage to unistall Norton. I'm also finding the other symantec programs that I'm trying to remove (like LiveReg) come up with errors like "can't be removed at this time due to it being associated with still installed files like NIS" but the thing is I can't remove NIS so I can't remove all the other programs either. Please help, I'm open to any advice at this stage - I just want to get all the Norton stuff off to reinstall it from scratch or opt for another AV program.

I'm currently runnning XP and the program in question is NIS 2004.
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Here's the active link I used a few days ago. If you visit the Symantec site all of this information on how to remove the Norton products is there. Takes a bit of searching...but it's there.

*Note* If the link I posted is not active then go to and enter the knowledge base section and use this as your search term...
Removing Norton SystemWorks 2004 It will lead you to all the documents you need.

You need to run the SymNRT.exe removal tool. If Norton is removed incorrectly it will really screw up some windows functions such as ICS and windows scripting so do this at your own risk.
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