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Uninstalling linux from dualboot/win 98 bootdisk cd?

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Hey all. I'm in need of a win 98 boot disk apparently but I can't use floppy disks. I'm wondering if a bootable cd will work. I tried using my win 98 install disc as well as win xp bootable discs and nothing works so far.

Back story. I'm trying to uninstall linux from my dual booted laptop. (ubuntu and winxp) I followed these instructions and I'm stuck at 6 obviously:

1. Boot up in Windows xp.
2. Start>>control panel>>administrative tools>>computer management
3. Go to disk management under “storage”
4. Select your hard disk and then the linux partition.
5. Delete the linux partition this will delete linux and grub.
6. Now reboot your laptop with windows 98 start up disc or floppy and type the command “fixmbr” .
7. Above command will repair ur bootloader and rewrite ntldr which will replace corrupted grub.
8.Thats it done now boot your laptop or desktop normally it will be booted by default in windows xp.

So I deleted the partition and when I boot up it says grub has an error (error 17). I put in a cd and it says it doesn't recognize it. Not sure I have the right cd. The cd drive is first on the boot list btw. I can't seem to do anything on it now besides go into setup. Please help. I don't even know how I can reinstall windows like this or do anything if it won't read discs. :/
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Hi why don't you use your xp disc and run fixmbr
when booting to the xp disc, go to the repair console and run fixmbr from there. Also fixboot.
It doesn't recognize the 2 winxp discs I have and the one win98 disc I have. I guess you didn't read the last paragraph cause it seemed like a signature?
Hi then the issue could be the optical drive try cleaning it with a Qtip and some isopropyl alcohol
I dunno.. I forgot to post the message it shows:

The device in the system modular bay cannot be identified. It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem. Please read and complete the following steps in order:
1) Press the device completely and firmly into the bay.
2) Press the ESC key--wait for the system to power down.
3) Press the power button to retry detecting the device.
Oh and in the bios it says modular bay not installed.. is that bad o.o
The steps to try to sort it are in your post try to reseat the drive there may be a loose connection if it is a tower then cut the power and unplug the machine then take of the side (left) when looking face on and check the connections are firmly seated,if a laptop there may be a screw on the underside or a sliding clip to release it move it froward about a inch and firmly return it to it's fully back in place
It's not the cd drive since it shows that message whether there's a cd in there or not. It shows Error 17 if I don't touch anything and it shows that bay message when I press f8 or f12 for the boot menu or if I have a cd in the drive.
yes it is. I don't know what the modular bay has to do with my problem though..
I did. I don't get it. I don't have anything to install on it..
I dunno.. I forgot to post the message it shows:

Oh and in the bios it says modular bay not installed.. is that bad o.o
That says something is not installed correctly it could be the cd\dvd drive it could be a floppy drive but it is something so check and reseat anything you can locate
Ok so I tried taking the bottom off but I can't unscrew a few screws.. I'm just going to take it to a repair shop. Thanks all.
What is the make and model of your computer? The picture is very small but, if it is an eject-able CD drive there is a little button on the lower right side, you push in which ejects the whole drive so you can substitute it with a Floppy drive. Eject the CD Drive and push it back in tightly.
Boot into Setup (Bios) F2 and make sure the CD drive is being recognized, then change the boot order to be CD Drive first boot device. Then restart the computer with your bootable Windows XP CD in. Get to the Recovery Console and type in Fixboot.


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Modular bay = the bay that the Optical drive is installed to. Remove the Optical drive from the computer and then reinstall it. It's called a modular bay because it can hold an optical drive, a floppy drive, an additional battery, or an additional Hard drive (with the correct Adapter) This makes it modular.
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